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Parent training class


This is a class for anyone raising children: parents, grandparents, nannies, foster care, and babysitters, This class teaches the 3 house rules. the 5 parental goals, and the difference between training and disciplining. this is a very interactive and hands on class. We teach the 5 comunication styles, so you can identify the way you comunicate as well as how  your children comunicate. How to see your childrens gifts and how to train them in their abilities. This class is for small groups, churches, and privite households. 

child training class


This is a class for children  ages 5- 16. We teach the 5 comunication styles. Each child learns their comunication style, as well as their learning style and how it is connected to their God given gifts and natural abilities. This class is very encouraging, motivating and fun. Children will understand themseves as well as others much more after taking this class. This class is for home groups, small groups, churches, and families. 

Its time to put your family in order!

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